Dry Flowers

Dry Flowers

The idea of the Language of Flowers developed, when it was decided that giving and receiving a bouquet of flowers, when the flowers themselves carry a meaning, gives much greater pleasure.

Hanging: Strip the leaves from bottom of stem, tie the flowers in small bunches and hang them with the blooms down in a dark, warm, dry place with circulating air. Check periodically. They are ready when they rustle to the touch.

Pressing: Line pages of a heavy book with wax or blotting paper. Carefully place fresh flowers onto pages. Close the book, place it under a stack of books and keep in a warm, dry area. The longer the flowers are pressed, the longer they will retain their color and the stronger they will be.

Treating with chemicals: Using an airtight container with lid, gently bury flowers in a desiccant (silica gel, borax or sand), secure the lid and store in a dry room for two or three days. Flowers are ready to be removed when they are crisp to the touch.

Display your dried flowers Beauty and the Beast style by encasing them in a glass jar.

Showcase your Valentine’s Day flower arrangement by hanging them in lines.

Savor the smell of your beautiful buds by creating a scented spray.

This is a great idea for creating a fashion statement out of a memorable boutique.

The pairing of dried purple flowers against the copper collar is superb.

This combination is great because the marigolds soothe, the honey moisturizes, and the oatmeal exfoliates.

This a beautiful way to hold onto any bouquet that has a special meaning, and also creates a nice focal piece as wall art.

Simply create a cone out of newspaper or old book pages, add some twine, and hang.

This is a great party hack for outdoor weddings, even a casual shindig.

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